Playing for Change Diamante's music program in Argentina presents the Three Little Birds Project, a version of the Bob Marley classic song performed by Argentinian musicians, as an hymn of hope and resilience. Like the great Bob said "every little thing’s gonna be all right". Playing for Change Diamante brought together 21 leading musicians of Argentinian rock and reggae, to interpret the song from their homes, during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Featuring : Mimi Maura, Kevin Johansen, Juanchi Baleirón, Guille Bonetto and Diego Demarco among many more.

Three Little Birds Project aims to spread an optimistic message, with the conviction that music has the power to unite us and help us overcome difficulties.

Playing for Change Diamante is one of the 15 music programs that the Playing Foundation for Change operates worldwide. The program was founded in April 2017 in the town of Diamante, Entre Ríos, on the banks of the Paraná River.