Tintale Village Mother´s Society – Tintale Village, Nepal

This collective of powerful women led by Devi Karki utilize artistic expression to teach young girls about the perils they face from dark-hearted traffickers. Devi discovered that all too many villagers are surprisingly unaware of this tragedy in their midst. Through creative storytelling and mesmerizing song and dance, the audience is introduced to trafficker’s techniques enabling them to recognize the potential threat when introduced to their village. “There is no question this basic education saves lives,” Devi states firmly.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International report most occurrences happen right here in the southeastern Tarai region. Young girls and women are easily trafficked because of their low cultural status. It is estimated that 10,000 girls, between the ages of 9-16, are trafficked each year from Nepal to India. Devi and her group are deeply committed to saving children from this tragic fate through education. PFCF’s support enables them to make costumes for the performance as well as provide travel expenses to neighboring villages to help spread the word.