Tintale Village Mother´s Society – Tintale Village, Nepal

In the summer of 2007 William Aura traveled to the remote village of Tintale in Nepal’s eastern valley. He was the first western man to see how the villagers there lived from day-to-day. At that time the place had no electricity, no telephones, and no modern sanitation. The people of Tintale had lived and worked in almost complete isolation from the outside world for centuries.
We decided to make a contribution to the community, and initiated a music program in this remote world. Our efforts have provided brand-new music instruments for the students and first-time salaries for the music teachers as well as humanitarian aid in the village including medicine, school supplies, and gifts for the children. Ishor Bajracharya and Shyam Basnet administer this vital music program. Classes are taught by flute and drum teacher Jeevan Magar and harmonium teacher Dhruba Kumar Ghimire. Local farmer Jeevan resides and teaches in the village. Dhruba treks two hours each way from Katari to teach harmonium and general music skills to the children of the village.