Tuhin Asad, Head Administrator and Music Teacher at the Mirpur Music Program in Bangladesh, describes his experience regarding an event he recently organized for the local community in Dhaka. He shared with us how important and valuable these kinds of activities are for the young people, their families and the society in his home country.

What inspired you to organize this event?

I saw different blogs and videos from other PFCF music programs that were organizing events (Nepal, Africa, and Thailand), and since they are making an event, why shouldn’t I. I shared my plan with the PFCF program team and we moved forward.

Why do you feel an event like this and performance is important for the music program, the kids and community?

The main goal is to show the people what we are doing, show our performance in our social aspects. When parents see their kids perform they feel proud. They have no money, but the kids are their value, that’s their future. We receive positive interest from the community. The kids can see that they can create something new and do their best. They have the potential to prove themselves in other ways. PFCF is working on that.

What were the steps you took to put this event together? Who helped you?

Raju, our percussion teacher and the project coordinator for SpaandanB helped.

What was the reaction/the feeling from the kids, the community and our in-country partner SpaandanB?

We have been working with SpaandanB for the last 3 years but hadn’t seen the Country Director attend any event, for the first time he attended this event and the Deputy Coordinator and officials and teachers at SpaandanB. Kids from other schools also came. When the kids received their t-shirts they were very, very happy and the parents were also happy. We distributed the shirts to the day care center and to the mothers.

What do you feel, as a teacher, program leader, and Bangladeshi, was the (long-term) impact of this event on the people?

Performance is important, and a part of every program because without performance and an event you can’t evaluate the kids level and capability of music. Indirectly these events make leaders. The Class 7 students helped manage the school crowds during the event and it gave them some basic leadership skills. Bangladesh is a small country with limited space and opportunity for recreation and enjoyment with people as a group. These events bring the community together and parents are more engaged with the project and see the value of the music program and what their children are involved in. The kids become local stars in the community because of their performance. It freshens their mind and gives them something to look forward to. When they know the event date, the kids are practicing more and focused on their performance. They are very excited to show what they’ve learned. Music enhances the kid's knowledge, besides general education, music makes the kids very powerful mentally and the kids take the challenges through performances giving them confidence and responsibility.