Tuhin meets with Gigi and our program team in Thailand

  Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Our administrator and music teacher in Bangladesh, Tuhin Asad, visited the PFCF music program in Thailand. There, he met with Geraldine Nemrod, Director of the Khlong Toey Music Program and the rest of the team to share their knowledge and exchange helpful teaching resources. In this video, Gigi … Read More

Meet with Awitra

Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Meet with Awitra a 16 years old student who wants to become a singer in the future and see how learning music is impacting positively her life. “Music is a way to release my troubles”

Making it Happen

Two of our Asian Music programs have made a first-ever historic music exchange connection via Skype. The Khlong Toey Music program in Thailand and the Musica Music Institute in Nepal have come together to share their love of music and our PFCF Music programs via a large-screen, real-time internet connection. Introductions with excited and sometimes … Read More

Thank you For Believing

Today we are happy to share a video from the teachers and children of the PFC Foundation music program in Khlong Toey, a community in Bangkok, Thailand, where 100,000 people live in a 2-square-mile radius and face many challenges every day. Music is bringing joy and hope to the children who participate in the program, … Read More

Our Mind is Halfway

Khlong Toey Music Program | Bangkok, Thailand The Khlong Toey Music program was co-founded in August of 2012 by Aom Amm and French teacher /social activist Gigi Nemrod. It was a response to help meet the emotional needs of the poor in the Khlong Toey slum by providing music instruction and a safe environment for … Read More