My name is Emily Randall, and this Fall I visited the Foundation’s music and art programs throughout Nepal. I’m writing to you today because sometimes when we give, we don’t know how much it will matter. I wanted to take a moment to share with you the incredible impact of your generosity, which I’ve now been fortunate enough to see firsthand.

Part of my journey took place in remote Tintale Village, where I grew especially close with a beautiful 10 year-old girl named Usha. Usha participates in the Udayapur Music Program and the Mother’s Society women’s rights and anti-trafficking program. I had the opportunity to teach her music class, and it was a joy to watch her play. While normally quite shy, Usha lit up with excitement and confidence during her turn to practice in front of the class. She was eager to help the other students learn and succeed as well. It felt as if I was watching her grow up in a series of musical moments.

I stayed for ten days with Usha and her family. Thanka, the father, is the village priest and his wife, Parvati, is the fearless leader of the Mother’s Society. A few years ago, the couple hosted a mother and her two children who needed a place to stay for the night. By the time the sun rose the next day, the mother had left. Thanka and Parvati welcomed young Usha and her little brother Shankar into their family of four without hesitation, and have since raised them as their own.

The concept of stranger seems nonexistent in Nepal. Everyone is treated as family, and they constantly give to one another. It was humbling to experience, and I felt proud to represent people who care for them. I see now more than ever that we have a unique opportunity to help our family across the globe. This is our chance to be a part of something greater than ourselves, to come together as a human race, to contribute that which brings us joy to a child in need of it most.

Usha explained that she “want(s) to change society through music.” We can inspire children – just like our own – to understand that they are not limited by their place in the world; that instead they can rise above their circumstances and grow up to be a leader, someone with the power to make change. That’s the real possibility here. Every single dollar supports not only music education, it provides these students with inspiration and encouragement that they can then pass along to the children of the next generation. It truly is a gift that keeps giving.

I’m writing to tell you, with the utmost sincerity, that your contributions make a very real and lasting difference for these children. Please consider renewing your support today to give these kids the ability to see – and help create – a better tomorrow. Because really, what better gift is there?

Emily Randall