The Ubuntu Music Program wraps up the scholar year with a beautiful choir performance during a vocal class with teacher Egide at the Apace secondary School in Kigali. A big shoutout to Ange, for her incredible voice and to the rest of the group for the great work.

Mambo Sawa Sawa is a Kenian gospel song by Ruth Wamuyu, that has become very popular in East Africa over the last two decades.

Rwanda was relatively spared from Covid-19 and we were able to expand our programming to a new school in Kigali in 2020 and hire 3 additional music teachers for our students. The programs has now 150 students attending every week and our goal is to double the amount of students by the end of next year. We need your support to expand our reach across 12 countries and continue changing the life of young people through the power of music.