Ya Laalam Chof Adounia by Joudour Sahara Music Program students featuring PFC family member Roberto Luti!

This video and original song by Joudour Sahara music student Anas Labdeaa is the culmination of a music residency in Morocco between Roberto and Joudour Sahara teachers and students in early November 2021. Roberto returned to Morocco at the end of November to record this song that they worked on collaboratively during the residency.

This song was recorded and live studio performance captured at Studio Hiba in Casablanca, a major recording studio on the African continent that previously facilitated such musicians like Bombino and his Grammy-nominated album Derhan in 2018. PFCF has partnered with Fondation Hiba in Morocco, who runs Studio Hiba, to widen access to cultural opportunities for youth and musicians across Morocco and Africa, utilizing the incredible space and team at Studio Hiba.

This was also the first time that PFCF program leaders from across multiple African countries (Morocco, Mali, & Ghana) met in one place. This occurred on the occasion of this recording, as well as a trip to Joudour Sahara, and participation at the Visa For Music African and Middle Eastern Showcase and Conference.

Fondation Hiba was created in 2006 by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, and is a non-profit association working for the development and promotion of art in all its forms: Cinema, Music, Photography, Fashion and Design, Street Arts, Dance and Theater. See more at https://www.fondationhiba.ma/ and http://www.studiohiba.ma/en/.

Full Credits


Anas Labdeaa: lead vocals & guitar

Ayoub Zahaf: rhythm guitar and backing vocals

Hicham Hamouissi: bass guitar and backing vocals

Ayoub Lassri: djembe and backing vocals

Khadija Naji: backing vocals

Arwa Boulakhbar: backing vocals

Jihane Hanine: dancer featured

Ferah Elmoulati: dancer featured

Fatima Zahra Elboudani: dancer featured

Ibtissam Zahaf: dancer featured

Atmane Elboudani: clapping

Hamadi Elboudani: dancer featured

Mahamadou Diabaté: Calabash

Roberto Luti: Guitar

Thanks to:

Rachid Berazougui

Mohammed Sabir

Aicha Zahaf

Safae Radouani

Nadir Khairi

Adam Bentriq

Karam El Gueddari

Marwane Fachane

Halim Sbai

Marwane Fachane