Last week, the PFCF executive team had the honor of visiting our incredible program in Tamale, Ghana - The Bizung School of Music and Dance. The students are profound, the teachers are an inspiration, and the administrators are true leaders. We made plans for continued growth and expanded global connection with our team there, while learning as much as we could from the highly accomplished people and beautiful culture. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the school is thriving, and we are determined to ensure that each one of our programs ends the year better than where it started.

Watch the above video and see the warm and musical welcome that our team received as we arrived in Tamale.

As the whole world continues to fight, we all need to follow the lead of Bizung, and ensure that the next generation truly has equal opportunities to learn through music and arts education.

Experience the Bizung School in 360°. Watch a xylophone and a dance class in 360°.

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