Music Teacher

Bizung School of Music & Dance

Adam Abduli, or “Dallah” as he’s known by his friends, is the nephew of the Bizung School’s founder, Mohammed Alidu. Born December 15, 1982, Dallah is a member of the Bizung family, an ancient lineage of talking drum chiefs of Northern Ghana. Taught by his uncles to play and repair drums, he grew up playing at outdooring, funerals, and weddings. He began teaching at the Bizung School of Music and Dance in June 2010. He is very proud to be a teacher of drumming and singing, and also teaches kids how to fix drums like the gung-gong and the djembe. Dallah loves the music he helps create at the school. Music is a wonderful thing for Ghana, and he hopes that this program will continue for a long time. He believes that music will be a very positive force for the children here.