aura-sm-square-author By William Aura

Young Kale Bhujel pays strict attention to studying the harmonium at our Udayapur Music Program located in the remote Tintale Village of Nepal. Thanks to the loving patience of PFCF instructor Ganesh Prasad Regmi, Kale’s passion for learning is insatiable.

Kale lives in a stable above the farm animals. His mother and stepfather work the fields and take care of the buffalo from sunrise to sunset. He sleeps on a wooden bed with no protective walls from the harsh elements, yet he has no complaints - he is deeply grateful for the educational opportunity he's been given.

Driven to raise himself out of his condition and benefit his family, Kale has attended Tintale United Educational Academy since its inception and quickly became one of the top students. Kale is the first member of his family to ever receive an education. He take his music studies very seriously and for the past eight years it's been amazing to witness this spirit unfold.

This is what change looks like.