Dance teacher

Salam Music Program, Bidibidi, Uganda

Draku is an experienced and passionate lover of music and cultural heritage with a remarkable background in traditional dance and drumming. Born and raised in Lenga Est community in Barakala Towncouncil in Yumbe District, he has dedicated his life to preserving and restoring the cultural values of his community through music.

Although he faced some challenges during his early education, Draku's love for music and acting has never wavered. His 25 years of experience in traditional dance in Guluka has helped him hone his skills in drumming and other aspects of traditional music.

Draku strongly believes that it is important to teach traditional music skills to the younger generation in order to preserve their cultural heritage. He is motivated by the fact that the musical culture of his community is being lost, and he is committed to restoring it. He is also aware that traditional activities provide a sense of belonging and home to refugees in Bidi Bidi, who maintain similar cultural songs, dances, and activities to those in his community.
Draku strongly believes that traditional music creates a friendly and stress-free environment for both refugees and host communities, especially those in northern Uganda, all of which have suffered the ravages of war. His community, like others in South Sudan and Uganda, has endured the hardships of the Amin wars, which forced them to become refugees in South Sudan.

With his expertise and passion, Draku actively contributes to the preservation of the cultural heritage of his community and neighboring communities. His dedication and commitment to restoring cultural values through traditional music is admirable and inspiring, and he serves as an excellent example for future generations.