Percussion Teacher

Cajuru Music Program – Brazil

Fábio Macedo is a musician and law graduate from PUC-PR, specialized in Arts and Arts Teaching. Fábio works as an artist and an educator, focusing on Brazilian, Latin American, and other traditional rhythms from different parts of the world. As a percussionist Fábio has been part of several bands such as Orquestra Latino Americana da Unespar, Orquestra Rabecônica do Brasil , A Bem Soada (Company of street theater), Omundô Group, La Salsabrosa, Coletivo Dunyaben (research collective focusing on West African traditions) and the capoeira group Angola Zimba Curitiba. Fábio has been conducting percussion workshops with children for the last 10 years in a variety of contexts and has been part of many local cultural initiatives. Since 2018 Fábio has been teaching percussion at the Cajuru Music program.