Tintale Village Mother´s Society – Nepal

When we provided resources to the Mother’s Society in Tintale, Nepal, we knew there was a great need. Now, several years later, we stand in awe of the creativity and courage of this group of women – and the girls who have joined them – who are using music, dance and performances to educate area villages about the risks of human trafficking, drugs and alcohol.

The society travels on a regular basis to perform and teach communities about the tricks human traffickers use to lure young women into the slave trade. The risks they address are real—each year more than 10,000 Nepali girls are stolen or sold to work in brothels in India. As a result of their performances, false promises of work, marriage and a better life made by traffickers are now recognized as a deceitful trap that can strip young girls of their freedom and future. Equally encouraging, the men of Tintale village fully support the project and have joined with their wives and daughters to help protect them and spread the word.

The cost for the Mother’s Society to travel, perform, and deliver their urgent message to people in remote areas of Nepal is approximately $200USD per performance; this includes instruments, supplies, stipends for 22 women and girls who perform, and a small administrative fee for the group’s coordinator.
Your donation to the Playing For Change Foundation will fund travel and expenses for them to reach the next village. You can be assured that your gift will support these remarkable women and girls who are committed to saving the lives of others and who are using music and performance to do it.