Udayapur Music Program – Nepal

Sarju lives with his family in Tintale Village, Nepal, and has a younger brother, Suraj, who also attends the music program. He is a young man that seems to excel at everything he attempts. Born in the Dalit caste, Sarju would normally not have any opportunity for a formal education or to learn music with others. After taking drum lessons for over three years he is among the best musicians in his village. Although the Dalit are not allowed to drink water from the same places as those of higher castes, music class is a place where there is no division and kids from all groups learn together. Students like Sarju had to walk two hours each way to attend music classes in Katari. Thanks to the expansion of the Udayapur Music Program to Tintale Village, he and other students no longer have to make the treacherous journey and even more students are now able to learn music.

“I love this program. I am learning more music and improving my skills.”