Students Counsellor

Paintbrush Arts Program

Nut works as a freelance photographer. She got to know the Paintbrush Foundation through Bo, our vice-president, who originally invited her to help teach English at our school every Wednesday. Nut immediately agreed. She believes that education is a valuable asset, something we can arm children with, something they can carry with them and use to build their future. After teaching English with us for a while, she took on the responsibility of student’s counsellor, primarily focusing on helping the kids find their direction in life, through education and career, encouraging them to find what they want to be in the future. Nut says that being part of this program is a gift. She receives a lot of positive energy and love from the children, which makes it a very rewarding experience. Nut wants our students to have the opportunity to learn, to lead their life the way they want to, and to be happy in society, once they get older and become adults.