We can’t believe our 6th annual Playing For Change Day is just one month away!
There are lots of ways to get involved, so don’t fret if you don’t have plans yet.Haven’t registered an event yet? It’s never too late to put some plans together with friends, family, and members of your community to celebrate September 24th. Go to PFCDay.org/participate and log in through either Google or Facebook to build your own page! Ourevent tips can give you some inspiration about the different things you can do this September. PFC Day isn’t limited to musical performances and concerts at special venues… Check out some of the awesome ways people have celebrated the day and raised money for the cause!

After all, the Playing For Change movement started with the music of the streets.

Ask a local yoga studio donate proceeds from a class to PFCF schools.

Maybe you don’t want to put on a show, but just want to get the word out about our cause. Use your PFCDay.org page to explain why people should care, and start driving donations. (Don’t forget to set a goal, which always incentivizes giving!). Get started by clicking “Create Your Event” at pfcday.org/participate.

A backyard barbecue, a jam session with friends, a listening party for your favorite albums, you name it… You don’t need a fancy venue to get your community together and share in the joy of PFC Day!

No matter how you’re getting involved, you can make a big impact by educating people about PFCF’s work. Take a look at our Toolkit for videos, brochures, and all kinds of background materials explaining why it’s important to give kids the gift of music. Share your involvement on social media, like the Facebook status update below:

The 6th annual @Playing For Change Day is just around the corner! Join me and thousands of music lovers worldwide as we spread peace through music and support music education programs for kids through the @Playing For Change Foundation! Make a gift or find an event near you at PFCDay.org. #iplayforchange #PFCDay

Jeremy Elliott