Tintale Village Mother´s Society – Tintale Village, Nepal

This group of dedicated and powerful women led by Devi Karki and supported by the Playing For Change Foundation, use drama, dance and music to teach others about the perils of the trafficking of young girls. These “Players For Change” are without a doubt saving lives through music, story and dance. Educating the girls on the perils of trafficking is critical. Local villagers often pretend that it doesn’t exist, yet Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International report most occurrences happen right here in the southern Tarai region of Nepal.

Due of their low cultural status, young girls and women are easily susceptible to traffickers. The prevalence in Nepal is astounding. It is estimated that between 7,000 and 10,000 girls, between the ages of 9-16, are trafficked each year from Nepal to India. The traffickers are known to spin a great tale – an idyllic scenario of departing for prosperous India, getting married and settling down. But after reaching India most of them betray the innocent girls and sell them into prostitution.

Devi’s marvelous group shares these vital concerns with neighboring villages through a rousing performance of story, song and dance. These women are deeply committed to saving a child from this tragic fate through educating the unenlightened. The Playing For Change Foundation is supporting their production by purchasing costumes and providing travel expenses.

Video filmed and produced by William Aura.