Guitar Teacher

Paintbrush Arts Program

Raam graduated with a Bachelor degree in Music. He started playing guitar at 14 years old. One of his neighbours was doing his military conscription at the time and left his guitar at Raam’s house, which is how he first tried his hands on an instrument. His first teacher was a songbook, and he kept practising on his own up to the end of high school, where he decided to get more serious about music. He started his own band with his friends at 16 years old and entered competitions. Meeting other talented musicians became a real motivation and made him want to practice even more to develop his skills further. He realized also that the lack of instructor to tell him what to practice, or to show him how to learn, slowed down his progress considerably. He then entered university and met professors who were able to show him the way forward, and was finally able to progress much more quickly. This made him want to be a teacher himself, to become the one who shows the direction to students. After graduating, he started teaching at the Paintbrush foundation, and thus got the opportunity to help students find their own way, to figure out what kind of music they like, and how far they want to go with it. Because Raam knows that music can become a real-life opportunity, and that when the students are older, it can become a source of income for them to support their families.