Keyboard Teacher

Musica Music Institute – Nepal

Rejina was a dedicated student at Musica Music, where she honed her skills in keyboard and vocal classes.

After completing her Bachelor’s in Information Management, she started as a keyboard teacher at Musica Music. This opportunity allowed her to combine her passion for music with her academic background.

Although she had been singing since her school days, she never considered pursuing it professionally. However, after taking classes at Musica Music, she witnessed positive changes in her musical abilities and outlook. Working with children, she discovered their remarkable auditory capabilities and their quick grasp of music. Their vibrant energy further fueled her enthusiasm for teaching.In terms of musical influences, she draws inspiration from talented artists like Adele, Beth Hart, and Ann Wilson. Their artistry has shaped her musical style and continues to motivate her in her own journey.

Beyond teaching students to simply sing or play a song, she aspires to instill in them the art of connecting with the listeners. It’s not just about technical skills but also about effectively conveying emotions and engaging with the audience.