“This has always been a man's world, and none of the reasons that have been offered in explanation have seemed adequate." Simone de Beauvoir

Happy International Women's Day! You've seen our posts throughout the month highlighting some of the amazing and strong women at our programs. Now they need your support! Please help us celebrate this special day by making a donation to Playing For Change Foundation here. Even a dollar, helps sustain our vital programs!

Please help us spread the word about the Playing for Change Foundation to all of your friends! Post on your favorite social media platform, and let’s get as many people as we can to give $1. Believe it or not, it will make a huge difference. Let’s get viral!!!

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This #InternationalWomensDay, join me in supporting @PlayingForChangeFoundation, an organization that provides girls in challenging regions around the world with free education, and a safe space to express themselves creatively.

Donate #ADollar4ADream here today: https://playingforchange.org/a-dollar-for-a-dream/.

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This #InternationalWomensDay #PressForProgress & support the @PFCFoundation as they create positive change through #music & #arts education for thousands of #women around the world. Donate $1 now and give the gift of music! http://bit.ly/2tjuXHj #ADollar4ADream #iPlayForChange


For #InternationalWomensDay, I'm helping women of character, #courage, and #commitment #inspire change in their communities by making a #donation to @ playingforchangefoundation. The money raised will go towards helping end #humantrafficking through its #MothersSociety program in rural #Nepal that teaches #women and girls how to avoid falling victim to traffickers' manipulation. Join me in donating $1 today at playingforchange.org.

On behalf of everyone at Playing For Change Foundation, thank you for everything you do to inspire and support the women around you.

Female Leadership

Examples of women empowered as leaders in our programs

Programs with a special focus on women's empowerment

This collective of powerful women based in eastern Nepal utilize artistic expression to teach young girls about the perils they face from dark-hearted traffickers.

This music program is located in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. Since its opening last year, the program has achieved a 90% increase in female student attendance.

Meet the students | Seema | Kathmandu, Nepal

Meet the Students | Aïcha | Tamale, Ghana