We’re embarking on an exciting new endeavor that could take the Imvula Music Program in South Africa to a whole new level. We’ve partnered with a social action and music project in the neighboring township of Philippi, called the Philippi Music Project.

The Philippi Music Project (PMP) is a social enterprise offering an infrastructure to the musicians from the townships of Cape Town, located in the Philippi township. They believe that music has an amazing power to attract, develop and enhance creativity in local communities, and can be used to connect people together to foster capacity learning and personal development for young people from the townships. The project was founded by a young French social entrepreneur and music producer, Baptiste Guillemet, and Sibusiso Nyamakazi, a musician and youth development organizer from the Philippi Township.


The PMP team is building a music studio inside an abandoned shipping container located just minutes from our PFCF music program in Gugulethu. The Imvula students and teachers will not only have free access to the studio, but also an opportunity to learn recording, create studio-quality music and participate in workshops conducted by local musicians from across the region.