100% of your gift will provide direct support for PFCF students and teachers in Nepal. Any amount will help.

May 28th, 2015 – There have been many long and fear-filled days and nights since the earthquake and aftershocks devastated Nepal in early April. We have been in constant communication with our music teachers and friends on the ground, and there is much love to be found.

To both encourage and support our PFCF Musica family in Nepal, we want to raise $7,500 in the next several weeks so that our Asia Programs Coordinator, William Aura, will have as many resources as possible for the people when he travels to Nepal in the coming days.

Please make a contribution today that can be directed in the following ways related to their needs, which are:

  • Economic stability for 7 teachers through the end of the year
  • Essential supplies and support for the families of 4 students and 1 teacher whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake to ensure safe shelter before the monsoon season begins.
  • Secure space for music classes through the end of the year.
  • Stipends of several dollars for students to go out into the community and help others through music and giving their time.
  • Art supplies for a new program to help the children process and heal from this trauma

Utsav Nepali and his amazing journey to heal the world through music are a shining example of what is possible. He and nine Nepali musicians will travel to Bangkok in early June to play several benefit concerts that are being organized by the wonderful team and students from our Khlong Toey Music Program.

This is love in action through music! Please Join Us!!!

Please give today and provide direct and essential support to these family members in Nepal.

One Love,
William Aura, Elizabeth Hunter, and Ishor Bajracharya


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