Pictured left to right: Rungnapa Pantakai, William Aura, Ishor Bajracharya and Mana Shrestha

Tintale Village Mother´s Society – Tintale Village, Nepal

We have safely arrived in Kathmandu from the remote Eastern Terai region known as Udayapur. The area is long overdue for monsoon for quite some time, and the sweltering heat wave is unprecedented. There’s been no rain for nearly a year. Crops have not been planted now for two seasons. Shyam and the villagers share an extreme concern for the future of their families. What was once black fertile soil is now dust. Everyone is doing their best working in weather over 103 degrees and above.

Along the arduous mountain route we made arrangements to have the Indian-made sewing machines loaded on a separate carrier and taken as far as possible to the village. Just getting the machines physically to the location was an extreme challenge but Bajracharya Ishor, Mana Shrestha and our stellar crew came through. Every member of the Mother’s Society has now received a sewing machine and they’ve installed them in their homes. This is an amazing accomplishment and it could only happen by your deep support. We simply must give an extra shout out to the Stang family for greasing the wheels on this whole project.

Our team provided love and encouragement to our PFCF music program students both in Katari and in the village. We also received a very special presentation on our behalf in Katari. And we’re thrilled to report that music teacher Ganesh has graciously returned to the fold and is now leading an extremely effective music program in Tintale Village.

Needless to say, times have been tough for the Nepali people in the past year. And we are doing the best we can to help our students, teachers and friends get back on track. Over the next few days and weeks we will be offering a number of photos and stories that are certain to touch your heart.

On behalf of Ishor, Mana, Noi Noi and our brave team, we thank all the supporters of the Playing For Change Foundation and the Aura Imports Sponsorship Project for making this mission possible and choosing to change a life forever. We represent you.

William Aura