Udayapur Music Program – Nepal

Sylvain and Mathieu are two modern-day French explorers and filmmakers who set out to follow the ancient silk route from India all the way back to France, riding the whole way on vintage motorcycles with recording gear in tow.

The two friends started an association called India on a Bullet, named for the type of motorcycles they are traveling on, and all along their journey they are highlighting social projects that are going on in places like India, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan. They are also stopping to film and record music along the way. The project has been aptly named “A Musical Journey on the Silk Route.” They plan to show the documentary at film festivals and release an album of the music recorded on the road.
“The vision of this project of is to record an album of traditional music following the Silk Route,” says co-founder, Sylvain Laird.” We’re going then, to reach France from India on our old Indian motorbikes and stop in each country of our itinerary to record with disadvantaged children. We record and shoot a video clip in different institutes as shelter houses, orphanages. Once back in France, the album will be produced and the benefits of the sales will be donated to each institute where we’ve been recording in.”

While traveling through Nepal, the two stopped in Katari and shot video of their experience going to the bazaar. They then visited the PFCF music program in Katari and recorded with the students and teachers there.
Here’s a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the recording with the Katari program, and stay tuned for the full release later this year. Follow along on their Facebook page at facebook.com/indiaonbullet/