October 17, 2013
Tintale Village, Nepal

Dear family and friends,

Time has passed so quickly. We’ve been in Tintale now for 10 days and I finally have a moment to check in with you. Our internet connection is through an Ncell card and my laptop. It seems to work on a minimal level although uploading one photo takes forever. I’ll do my major posting of images once we return to Kathmandu in about another 10 days.

What a race it has been to complete what work we can with the school before the festival. All work stops, schools close and families gather around Nepal for many days of feasting, dancing, singing and spirited pujas. Yesterday was Tika day and Noi and I received our fair share from the kind villagers.

Solar power is up and happening big time. Our school now has power 24 hours a day. When we walk back to the school at night, it’s often the only light you can see for miles. Sujan, Ishor, Sujan and Ishor have been very busy working on a myriad of items on our deep schedule, including the very first computer training program in our new cyber cafe. That was incredible I assure you. The images will touch your heart. This is all possible only because of the support of so many incredible individuals that you will hear more about soon.

A young girl was unfortunately bit by a scorpion and I could have never imagined how much she would suffer for two days. Thankfully she is fine now. Construction of the second floor is about 80% complete. A new music room has already been inaugurated and the cyber cafe is still being worked on. The Nayan band arrived today after a 14-hour bus ride from Kathmandu. After a good evening’s rest they are ready to entertain the villagers tomorrow. That should be something special. And of course our dear Josh and Grace depart for Nepal within hours. The villagers eagerly await their arrival – as do I. Stay tunes as this gracious story unfolds over the next number of weeks. Nameste.

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