“It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.” ~Pele

Noi Noi and myself want to thank everyone involved for making our recent mission in Nepal so deeply rewarding. Fearless team leader Ishor Bajracharya and our stellar crew worked very hard under difficult circumstances at times to accomplish so much. We are very proud of their tireless effort. Here are a few of the compassionate actions all made possible by your support.

We provided an operation for a burn victim and greatly relieved the suffering of a humble village woman. Construction of a home was completed for the Gimme Shelter Project for a deserving family in Bungamati. Our exceptional Mitrata Nepal PFCF music program has expanded their capacity and is taking in local school children. A newly donated high-end microphone from Lewitt was delivered to our music programs and our students are eagerly learning how to record professionally. School supplies and encouragement was delivered to students in Sanju’s Tamang Village. We visited the Udayapur Music Program where we witnessed our brilliant teacher Ganesh return to the fold and lead a dynamic program in remote Tintale village.
Under extremely harsh conditions, Indian sewing machines were purchased and delivered to 35 members of the Mother’s Society to benefit their anti-trafficking campaign efforts. In Katari, Nepal interest in our music program has exploded and a new location has been scouted. We followed up on PFCF music student Raj Kumar and his family’s shelter PFCF provided them after the earthquake to check on their condition and see how we can help more.
Right: Sashikala now has a brand-new sewing machine in her village home. Her mother and grandmother are both members of the Mother’s Society. We want to thank Robert Jagusak for his continuing support of her education.

And last but certainly not least, our PFCF Social Action Team provided an extremely effective music program at three locations for the disadvantaged – children suffering from cerebral palsy, blind and deaf children, and HIV infected children. Perhaps our most powerful accomplishment for everyone involved.

We represent you. And from the bottom of our hearts we thank every supporter of PFCF and aiSP for their contribution to this effort. And a very special shout out must go to the Maurie Stang family for their significant support in these endeavors. Stay tuned as each and every one of these stories unfold over the next few days, weeks and months.

There is no doubt about it. Together, we are changing “their” world through music.
William Aura
Director of PFCF Asian Music Programs