aura-sm-square-author By William Aura

It's time to get streetwise. Here's our first day of preproduction in Kathmandu shot via iPhone, highlighting a day in the life of PFCF administrator Ishor Bajracharya. There is so much to prepare for this upcoming month. Our team departs via jeep in five days for remote Tintale Village. Among numerous initiatives, we are producing a brand new 10-year celebration T-shirt to honor and encourage our dedicated Nepali teachers, developing new handicraft designs for the PFC store, making arrangements to pick up 38 newly sewn silk Sari uniforms for very excited members of the Mother’s Society.

All of this while brazenly pushing our way through gnarly claustrophobic traffic in a city that is slowly but surely rebuilding from the devastating earthquake. And unfortunately the Kathmandu valley is experiencing incredible pollution at this time. With all that, we're grateful with what we have accomplished so far. Thankfully the spirited good nature of the Nepali people and our dear students make all of these challenges worthwhile.

And all of this is only possible because of your good support. This vital effort to bring music education and arts to the disadvantaged not only is changing their lives but often has a profound effect on their communities. You will be hearing and seeing more about this transformation through the power of music. Stay tuned and thank you for standing by us. Namaste.

Onward and Upward,

William Aura

PFCF Asian Music Programs Director