President and Co-Founder

Whitney Kroenke Silverstein has been a part of the Playing For Change family since meeting Mark Johnson for coffee in August of 2001 to discuss “a really interesting idea” that he wanted to explore. At that meeting Playing For Change was born! She has participated in the Playing For Change Movement in many different ways, from a crew member on our very first shoots, to Executive Producing PFC Films and Albums. As the concept of Playing For Change continued to grow and expand, in 2007 Whitney was asked to take on the role of Executive Director of the blossoming Playing For Change Foundation (PFCF)! It is thrilling and energizing work, and Whitney hopes to continue to grow and expand the reach of the PFCF to every continent, every country, and every child that can possibly be helped by enriching their lives through music!

Whitney holds a Bachelor of speech in Theater from Northwestern University where she worked as a choreographer, dancer, and actress. Post-graduate credits include choreography for the off-Broadway musical “I Sing” and the London production of “Romeo & Juliet” directed by Daniel Kramer. Upon returning to the United States, Whitney settled in Los Angeles to pursue a career in the creative arts, focusing on the creation of forward thinking films and theater that advocate positive social change.

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