This music program has been established in northern Jordan, inside the Zaatari refugee camp, where over 100,000 Syrian refugees have settled over the last decade. In collaboration with our esteemed partners at Questscope and Dream Day, we are offering complimentary music lessons across various instruments and disciplines, all facilitated by talented musicians from the Zaatari refugee community.

Furthermore, we've proudly launched the camp's inaugural professional recording studio. This innovative endeavor aims to open doors of opportunity for both present and budding musicians not only within the camp but also from the surrounding region, fostering a vibrant musical community in the heart of adversity.

Zaatari camp, Jordan


Zaatari Camp in Jordan, is a refugee settlement that emerged in 2012 in response to the Syrian conflict. Located in the arid northern region of the country, it accommodates more than 80,000 Syrian refugees who have fled their homeland. The camp is a place of makeshift shelters, dusty pathways, and essential amenities such as schools and clinics. Despite its challenging conditions, Zaatari is a testament to the resilience of those who have found refuge here. It serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region, where thousands of lives have been disrupted, but the human spirit endures amidst the hardships.


Recording studio
Building peace through music
Artist development
Traditional and modern music


Ruba Fraihat
Program manager
Mohammad Al-Rabbaee
Music teacher
Ahmad Alkafri
Music teacher
Nasir Albashir
Recording studio adviser


Questscope is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1988 with the goal of putting the last, first. For 30 years, Questscope has built a reputation in the Middle East that is unparalleled, partnering with refugees and communities on the periphery, helping them better realize their fullest potential.


The Dream Day Foundation is dedicated to funding and supporting Music and Arts programs in refugee camps around the world. It is focused on the power of Music and Art to transform young lives, heal trauma and help children learn more effectively by engaging their imaginations and senses more completely than through more conventional methods.