Drums Teacher

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana

“I am 31 years old. I am one of the great-grandsons of the “Naa-Bizung”. I am therefore from the Bizung clan and lineage of the Dagomba Kingdom (Dagbong Kingdom). Growing up just like every child in the Bizung family, I was taught by my father to play the “Lunga” (the talking drums) and the “gungong” (the bass drum). My school education ended at Junior high school.

I followed my father as a child to play traditional drums and music at different occasions such as marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies, funerals, and other state and ceremonial functions. I also acquired a trade in creating (carving) and mending the various traditional drums like the “lugna, gungong, jembe and kpalogo” drums. I also have some skills in electrical works which I acquired through apprenticeship”.