Former Administrator

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana

“Adajo Stephen is my name. I am 34 years of age. I attend Bizung School Of Music and Dance in Tamale-Ghana where I have currently been assigned to administrate. I am the fifth born among my seven siblings and the only one who sought to pursue art and culture (music and dance) education at the Bizung School Of Music and Dance.

I developed a deep interest in music at a very young age but my parents never allowed me to do music and they forced me to focus on only formal (school) education. I discovered Bizung School in the year 2011 when I was almost through with my college course but I became a serious student of music at Bizung School in the year 2014. I had lots of training, skills, and transformations at Bizung. I can now sing well, I also play instruments like the rattle, djembe, and kpalogo drums. I also write my own songs and I dance as well.

Although my parents made sure I obtained formal (school) education to the university level but, my real happiness is in music. Music saved me from suicidal thoughts when I once lost all my investment in a collapsed financial company.

Thanks to the Bizung School and Playing for Change Foundation, I am living a purposeful life. I am happy for learning and working for Bizung School as well. I believe Bizung is going to be a great center for music and cultural education which will transform the lives of many more Young Africans especially the ones who would have been on the streets and I am hoping of traveling with these transformed souls (my Bizung mates) to share our socio-cultural experiences with our colleagues in the other parts of the world through music and dance. “Merci!” Thank you. (Adajo Stephen)”.