Junior Teacher

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana

“My name is Anala Abdul Halik. I am 26 years. I am a student of Bizung School Of Music And Dance. I started attending music school in the year 2010. I have been in school over 10 years now. I learned to play the following musical instruments; “Lung” (talking drums), “Gungon” (bass drum), bass guitar and the drum sets. Bizung School of Music and Dance has greatly changed my life. I feel so excited when I perform music with my colleagues at the school and even sometimes with our teachers. I have also been one of the student-teachers (teaching assistants) in the school who help to musically educate other children. I also have some tailoring skills that I am willing to help some of my mates who don’t have any employable skill to acquire some faction proficiency. Thank you Playing for change Foundation for supporting me and all other students at Bizung school of music and Dance as well as elsewhere in the world”.