Last week, our administrator and music teacher in Bangladesh, Tuhin Asad, returned from a trip in Nepal, where he visited several PFCF music programs. A few months ago, William Aura and Nepali program administrators Shyam Basnet and Ishor Bajracharya visited to the Mirpur Music program in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since then Tuhin could not wait to return the courtesy and visit Nepal, which is only an hour away by plane. Tuhin took the plane for the first time in his life and traveled for the second time outside of Bangladesh:

It was an amazing experience: I saw a lot of similarities and connections between Nepal and my home country: the food, the people and even some words we use in our language are the same in Nepal. I have gathered a lot of experiences and knowledge during that trip. I visited the Udayapur Music program in Katari, and the village of Tintale, home of the Mother’s Society. The villagers of Tintale are the nicest and most friendly people I’ve seen in my life. Salute to William Aura for his incredible work in Nepal: the Tintale Academy has more than 200 students, some of them are even coming from neighbouring villages and the mother’s society’s project is raising a voice against violence and gender abuse. Nepali people are so peaceful: I really enjoyed every moment with them.

This trip to Tintale inspired me to create a similar project in my home country, in the village where my family is from. I’ll start to work on this project over the next few months. I wish I will be able to come back to Nepal every year and also visit other PFCF music programs around the world.

May almighty Allah bless you all and PFCF. I am feeling proud to be a family member of PFCF.

Tuhin Asad, program administrator and music teacher, Mirpur Music Program, Dhaka, Bangladesh.