Coordinator: Nepalese programs

Kathmandu Music Program

Ishor Bajracharya has been involved with the Playing for Change family since Mark Johnson and the crew shot the first film in Nepal in the fall of 2006. A renowned jewelry designer and the proprietor of Bajracharya Handicrafts, Ishor and his family operate a jewelry shop in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Ishor is a long time active administrator and social worker for the Aura Imports Sponsorship Project. Their goals are achieved by uniting impoverished students with individual sponsors, giving them the tools and opportunities necessary for success. Through the support of contributors in the USA, Ishor and his volunteer team helped build the very first school in remote Tintale village some 450 kilometers from Kathmandu. Over a hundred students receive an education because of his valiant effort. He’s on a mission to benefit the disadvantaged Nepali youth.

In 2009 Ishor took on the roll as administrator for all five PFCF Nepalese Music Programs. His support is critical to help manage over 120 music students. One program is in Tintale village, where instruments have been carried on foot for up to two hours, crossing two rivers to get there. These music programs have been taken to new heights because of his dedicated and inspired leadership. During regular visits to our programs Ishor encourages the kids by keeping them motivated. He also places a special emphasis on supporting women’s right issues through his vital work with the Mother’s Society. Ishor is well loved and deeply respected by all the students and teachers. We are very fortunate to have him on the team.

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