Founder, Mitrata Nepal

Mitrata Music Program – Nepal

Nanda Kulu has been helping underprivileged children and orphans for over 15 years. Her foundation, Mitrata Nepal, is based in Kathmandu and supports many abandoned and less privileged children; all of them in need of a home, care and support. Nanda’s organization is dedicated to giving help to needy children through home sponsorship, school sponsorship and general donations.

Mitrata Nepal Foundation is committed to developing itself into a family-based, long-term residential care organization for children in need. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life of underprivileged children orphans through education, home-based care and support. The organization intends to develop the skills necessary for children to lead vocationally, personally, and socially satisfying and productive lives.

In 2010 the Playing For Change Foundation partnered with Nanda to bring a music program to the children living at the Mitrata home. Every Saturday morning the students are offered workshops in sarangi, flute, madal drums, traditional Nepali dance and art classes. The students are so eager to learn, they arrive early to greet their teachers and are grateful for the opportunity.

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