We’re proud to announce that the Adolf Busch Award, an organization dedicated to recognizing and rewarding individuals and organizations that use music for social good, honored the Playing For Change Foundation with their annual reward, specifically to the Tintale Village Mother’s Society.

The $5,000 award will support the Tintale Village Mother’s Society, located in the remote Udayapur District of eastern Nepal. This women-centered collective uses music, storytelling, and dance to combat an insidious regional sex trade by educating young girls about human traffickers and their deceitful tactics. Equally encouraging, the men of Tintale Village fully support the project. Founded in 2009, the Playing For Change Foundation seeks to expand the powerful Mother’s Society model into other regions.

We would like to thank the Adolf Busch Award and share the kind words of their founder, Seth Novatt about our work.

“We are so pleased to recognize the efforts of the Playing for Change Foundation, and specifically the Tintale Village Mother’s Society. The Adolf Busch Award honors those organizations that use music as their primary tool to create a more just society. The impact of the Mother’s Society on young girls who face threats of kidnapping and sex trafficking is enormous. Through their instructional storytelling and music, the Mother’s Society empowers many young girls and women so that they may live full lives, safe from the threat of harm. This award is given to this essential initiative in the hope that as this effort grows and expands, it helps even more girls in the region and elsewhere.”

Seth Novatt, Founder, Adolf Busch Award


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