Drumming and Dance Teacher

Bizung School of Music & Dance - Ghana

Alhassan Mohammed Assau is a Professional Drumming and Dance Instructor at the Tamale Youth Home Cultural Group (TYHCG) Centre in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. Assau joins TYHCG in 1998 up to date and during this period he rose from different ranks to present day Drumming and Dance Instructor.

Assau is a 39-year-old, born and raised in Sabonjieda in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. He received all his education in Tamale. He understands and speaks Dagbani, Hausa, Twi, and fluent English.

As a Lead Drumming and Dance Instructor, he has trained many students at the center and who today are Performing Artiste. He has conducted various workshops at the center and outside. Assau has also performed on different events both at a regional and national level, like the Ghana Independence Day Celebrations, National Farmers Day, Presidential Inaugurations and other social events.

Assau was a Cultural Teacher on a Music Development Project executed by the Tamale Youth Home Cultural Group in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Development – Ghana and Egedal School of Music – Denmark. He has also taught in schools like the Little Flower School Complex. He led the establishment and training of Youth Cultural Troupe Groups in Tolon and Ziong all in the Northern Region of Ghana.

As such his engagement at the TYHCG, Assau has collaborated and worked with Southern Ghana dance groups and organizations such as Abebe Gruma Dance Company, African Footprint, Dance Ensemble, Wuza Wuza Music & Dance Theatre Company and the University of Ghana, Legon, where he run workshops for them and did joint performances with them.

He has a Pedagogical Skills Certificate from Denmark which enables him to work with children and all age groups. He has traveled to Denmark on several occasions where he performed in different events and run workshops for school children, also in Greenland. He is the versatile type with unique skills in Creative Dance, Dance Drama, Choreography and playing many instruments and drums. He can perform many Southern Ghana dances.

During his leisure hours, Assau does carpentry which is another profession of his. He enjoys music and traveling.