Meet Parbati Dahal, Tintale Village Mother’s Society president

Watch this video to hear Parbati Dahal talk about the mission, importance, and impact of the Mother’s Society on women and girls across rural eastern Nepal. Parbati is a co-founder of the Mother’s Society, officially registered as an NGO in 2016, but which began as an unofficial movement to create better futures for women and … Read More

Unity in BidiBidi

Watch this uplifting performance by the female-led United Adungu traditional band in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda at the Salam Music Program. Singing ‘Unity! Unity!’, this song is about women, mothers, and girls having to flee civil conflict in South Sudan, from firsthand experience, and about their hope for unity. The traditional music … Read More

Meet Rashmi Adhikari

Meet Rashmi Adhikari! Watch this video to learn about Rashmi’s inspiring work with our programs in Tintale Village, Nepal. She recounts first hand the positive change we’ve helped bring about through our education initiatives and through the Tintale Village Mothers Society. Rashmi now serves as the Nepali Programs Coordinator for Playing For Change Foundation, working … Read More

Inside a Dance Class in Mali!

We present this video of a dance class in Mali, showcasing the amazing dance program in the ancient village of Kirina, and symbolic of the outstanding efforts of our team to widen opportunities for girls and female leaders not just in Mali but around the world. 2022 marked a high point for PFCF for girls’ … Read More

Education is the Key

We’d love to showcase this change with a music video of a song written and recorded by our students at the Salam Music Program in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves – Education is the Key! Please support such programs that are providing such opportunities to girls, that … Read More

Announcing our partnership with La Escuelita del Ritmo in Panama!

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with La Escuelita del Ritmo, a music school located in Portobelo, on the Caribbean coast of Panama and dedicated to using music as a tool for inclusion and social change. La Escuelita, created 12 years ago by music lover and philanthropist Gladys Palmera, transmits and preserves an … Read More

PFCF Day 2022 Photo Gallery

We’re very pleased to showcase the amazing PFC Day events organized by our music schools around the world! More than 200 musicians performed across more than 25 locations, reaching thousands of community members who came out to support our programs and celebrate music! PFC Day has now become a marquee event at almost all of … Read More