Field Officer

Imvula Music Program, Gugulethu South Africa

My name is Fanikhaya Ntsinde. I was born in a village called Qora, eMadokisini, IDutywa, in South Africa and grew up in the township of Philippi, near Cape Town.

I have a certificate in Human Resource Management from the Northlink College. I developed a passion for sport from a young age which resulted in working for a community radio station called RKPfm as a sports anchor and freelancing at Radio Zibonele as a sports analyst. I started working at Imvula Music Program in December 2023.

Growing up in a township where the only activity for kids was limited to soccer, I believe music will give kids options to choose from as they only get to be exposed to music when they get to varsity. Music like sport is a universal language, but growing up in underprivileged communities we are not exposed to musical instruments but singing. I believe this program will revive the passion we have for music but lacked resources to polish it and turn it into a skill.