Guitar Teacher

Imvula Music Program – South Africa

Godfrey grew up in the township of Nyanga. He began studying art at the Nyanga East Art Centre and started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 15. He later switched to bass guitar, where he discovered his full potential and passion. Godfrey played in various local bands, held studio sessions, and had the opportunity to meet experienced musicians who exchanged knowledge and ideas.

Godfrey played with projects such as Songs of this Soil, Beyond the Moon musical, and Nomfust and the Lucky Charms, which was his breakthrough to the international arena. He traveled extensively to countries such as Europe, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Swaziland, and Malawi, engaging in cultural exchanges.

With an experience gained over the years, Godfrey shared his knowledge with different community-based arts organizations and local schools. These included the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust, Sinako After School, and Nyanga Arts Development Centre, among others. His intention was to transform the youth’s mindsets by using art as a vehicle to combat the daily basis social ills that seem to deteriorate society.