Community Outreach Manager

Salam Music Program – Uganda

Mawa grew up in South Sudan but was forced to move to Uganda during the first Civil War where he settled as a refugee between 1993 and 2005. After completing his secondary education in Uganda, Mawa moved back to South Sudan for a few years before returning to Bidi Bidi refugee camp where he currently lives. He co-founded Sina Loketa, a refugee-led NGO based in northern Uganda that provides professional training, supports economic growth and cultural activities in the refugee community.

He holds a Certificate in Information Technology (IT) from the Bugema University and is currently studying to pursue a Diploma in IT .

Mawa helps coordinate music activities at the Salam Music program, identify new students and conduct community outreach in BidiBidi. Mawa sees music is a peace-making tool that can emotionally help people relieve stress and trauma. “Music brings young refugees together, creating love and peace among them”.