Mitrata Nepal is a home for underprivileged children as well as orphans, who live together as a family under the guidance of Nanda Kulu. Nanda and her staff are dedicated to bringing about real change in their lives. Her mission is an inspiration to us all. The PFCF Nepali ambassador crew consisting of Shivika Karki, Kishan Adhikari, Ishor Bajracharya and yours truly took a taxi to the edge of Kathmandu to visit Nanda in their brand new home.

For many years Nanda has been searching for a permanent home for the children she cares for. And through the support of family and others, her dream has come true. Unexpectedly though, within the first month of moving in, the neighbors were disturbed by the activity of the music program and urged her to move the program elsewhere.

Nanda reached out and met with officials at the Dhrubatara Boarding High School (about a 15-minute walk away) and came to an agreement of opening up a number of classrooms for our PFCF music program! There’s a growing interest with other students in the high school to participate - because they have no music program. Flute teacher Prem Waiba gave his first lesson in the high school classroom. He’s very happy for the fresh opportunity to reach more young people with a passion to learn. It will, of course, require more teaching hours to accommodate the additional students. This new direction is quite encouraging.

We’re also very proud of former student-now-turned-administrator of the Mitrata Music Program activities, Chitra Buda Magar. He organized 2018 PFC DAY class performances as well as helps direct all program activities. Chitra is a masterful performer himself on numerous Nepali traditional instruments as well as a brilliant painter. One of the most kind-hearted self-disciplined souls you will ever meet. He is fully utilizing the iPad Pro Mitrata Nepal recently received from a generous contributor. It’s been our privilege to witness Chitra mature to such a fine outstanding young man through Nanda’s care and direction.