October 5, 2013
Katari, Nepal

Nameste! Our awesome Nepal team departed Kathmandu yesterday October 5th at 4:30am for the Udayapur district, Katari and Tintale village and we arrived after dark last night. The trip took about 14 hours and we are all very exhausted. Among a few challenges we came upon a bridge that was just washed out with cars, buses, motorbikes waiting patiently on each side. After much consideration we decided to cross the raging river in our microbus. We barely made it. Ishor said if the water was 6 more inches or so we would have had to wait for another day.

Mosquitos are nipping at my hands as I write this post at 4am in a pretty funky Katari hotel room. We are repacking our rain soaked boxes and gear to depart for Tintale Village at 6am this morning Sunday October 5th. We just received news from Shyam that the new walking bridge is completed and we will not have to cross the rivers to enter the village for the first time ever! That is great news because the rivers are rising now.

Everything will be hand carried into the village and this time that amount is enormous. Medical supplies for a scheduled village clinic, solar panels, inverters, batteries, computers for the school, laptops, cameras, sari’s (uniforms) for 37 Mother’s society members, sweaters with school badges for 80 children, t-shirts for 100 people, a large amount of school supplies, books, bulletin boards, PFCF banners of all our programs, musical instruments such as madal drums, harmoniums, guitars, drum set, microphones, cooking stove, pots and pans, as well as additional construction materials to expand the school (we are building a music room, computer room and new toilet) – let alone all our production gear including video cameras, still cameras, recording equipment, lighting… and a 3-week supply of food and clean water for a large team.

In about 12 days, American volunteer super heroes Josh and Grace will be arriving to introduce alternative teaching techniques and provide a clinic (it will be the first time most anyone has ever been checked by a medical person.) A Nepali electrician has joined our group to install the solar equipment, lighting and outlets. We have an incredible music group of young people known as the Nayan Band traveling all the way from Kathmandu to help inspire our students. And our goal is to ultimately get an internet connection established. It may be weak so we are not sure as of yet what we will be able to accomplish, (like uploading photos and such) but our great team is ready, willing and able to take on any challenge.

This is my 8th visit to this remote region and by far the biggest effort yet. Thank you for your support and joining us on this vital mission. We take you with us. I promise to do my best to post updates when at all possible. Take care.


William Aura