Board Member

Ella met PFC Co-Founder Mark Johnson in Santa Monica in July 2012 with PFC Band members Jason Tamba and Mermans Mosengo. Since then she has never looked back. She loves music and how music can help people, especially young people. A writer and consultant based in London, she works with non-profits including the UK children’s charity Kids Company as well as Branding Latin America, with a strong focus on visual and performing arts. She writes about arts and culture for Monocle magazine amongst publications. She studied Comparative Literature and Social Anthropology at Brown and Oxford universities. After teaching children through song at Uere in a Rio de Janeiro favela, curating musical arts events in Buenos Aires and researching the social benefits of dance in Colombia, with El Colegio del Cuerpo (The School of the Body), then fundraising with performing artists for Kids Company, she is thrilled to join PFCF. She feels honoured to be on the Board of Directors.