The Playing For Change Foundation relies entirely on the contributions and donations of its supporters to keep its mission alive. These donations directly help to build, staff and equip new and existing music schools in communities in need of hope and inspiration.

Our mission is grounded in inspiration, and in addition to your monetary support, we need your inspiration too. We strive to connect the world through music and in so doing, we also strive to connect our advocates with our cause. Our growing community of sponsors, from the individual to the corporation, has the opportunity to be creatively involved and linked to the growth and spirit of our cause.

On September 21st, fans and supporters from 56 different countries performed in concert halls, cafes, and street corners to celebrate Playing For Change Day, our 3rd annual event! Over 315 registered fundraising events helped raise more than $150,000 to support the Playing For Change Foundation's global music education programs for children.

Join us for the 4th Annual PFC Day on September 20, 2014. Take part in the fun. Be the change. Sign up at www.pfcday.org.


Benefit Event in Argentina
Alan Leguizamón

Soy Alan Leguizamón o Sr Alan normalmente conocido de Buenos Aires, Tigre. Musico y profesor de guitarra. He conocido a PFC Buscando a través de la web fundaciones que realicen las mismas acciones que realizo yo como docente voluntario pero a nivel institucional…

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Create Your Own Campaign

Building awareness and raising money for the Playing For Change Foundation can come in infinite forms. Use your unique talents, or brainstorm with your peers for a fundraising idea in partnership with us. Many individuals and corporations alike have found a causal link with their capabilities and our mission. The collective vision of our musicians inspired us; how can our cause to support them inspire you to plan and execute a successful campaign?

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Host a Concert or Event

Planning a nonprofit music benefit concert or event will take organization and time, but it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. There are many people, such as performers in the arts, who are willing to provide their services in support of a cause. Perhaps you are musician and would like to host a concert for one of our schools? Would you like to screen Playing For Change videos with your community and raise money for our Foundation? One of the best ways to spread the word and raise money for our cause is the creation of benefit musical events of any size.

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