Bizung School of Music & Dance - Tamale, Ghana

Halik is from Tamale, Ghana, and has been attending the Bizung School of Music and Dance since 2011. He is very talented and studies Gon guan and gonje. Halik had the opportunity to travel with other Bizung students to the Volta Region and to Accra, the capital and largest city in Ghana, for music competitions last year.

A few months ago, Halik was sent by his mother to study in a school located in another town since there was no music school in the area. While he was away, he realized how important music is to him during that time and he missed his friends. He then decided to write a song about the Bizung School of Music in order to express his feelings and his love of music. He has since happily returned to music classes at Bizung.

In his video interview, Halik speaks candidly about the impact of music on his life and even shares a few bars of the song he wrote for Bizung! The smile on Halik's face throughout the video says it all: music has brought so much joy into this young man's life, and he is eager to share it with others.

"Through the Bizung school I have become somebody you would never think I am. I came to learn about everything in my world. When I play music I become the happiest person in that moment."


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