Former Bass guitar teacher

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana

Ibrahim Samuel, or Mr. Sammy, as the students know him, was born on the 9th of December in 1988, the fourth out of six siblings, all boys. A Dagomba man hailing from Tamale, his family is quite musical: all his brothers are singers. A Christian, Sammy started playing the drums in church in 1996. He then tried the keyboard before moving on to the bass guitar in 2006. While playing in his church, he occasionally worked as a sound engineer as well. Sammy makes his living traveling and playing gigs around the Northern Region with a number of groups. He got his start with two Christian bands: Born to Worship and the Worshippers, but now plays with the Redemption Band and Martyrdom. He has been a music teacher at his church for many years, and began teaching at the Bizung School in March.