Board of Directors

LisaBeth Weber brings her passion for making a difference in the world to the Board of the Playing for Change Foundation. She is an established freelance writer for business, marketing, PR, and more, with a creative communications background encompassing over 25 years in the arts, business, non-profit, film, entertainment sectors, and political worlds. LisaBeth loves helping clients get their message out in words and her background as a songwriter brings a creative infusion to her work. Whether writing, consulting, performing, speaking, creating artwork, or giving back, LisaBeth is the very definition of a modern renaissance woman. Her commitment to helping others realize their own potential resulted in a TEDx talk where LisaBeth spoke on creativity beyond the arts.

With a deep love of music and dance from around the globe, LisaBeth strongly believes that connecting through music can change lives. She was part of an international committee for a worldwide virtual rally for Middle East peace, featuring Pete Seeger, Mandy Patinkin, Ian Anderson, and David Broza. She’s recorded three albums, opened shows for over 50 national acts including Nanci Griffith and Ralph Stanley, and her songs have been featured on NPR’s CARTALK and indie film projects including a John Travolta film called, “Life on the Line.”

A graduate of SUNY Purchase in visual arts, LisaBeth has designed an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree, makes handmade pins for causes that have been worn by Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, and Madeleine Albright, does hand-lettering and has designed a font for International Typeface Corporation (ITC). In the film world, LisaBeth was a Theater Manager at the Sundance Film Festival over multiple years, has worked in film production, and has written about film. A longtime volunteer, LisaBeth served on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Business Forum, completed four walking marathons for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, and is a cancer survivor. In her spare time, LisaBeth can be found doing volunteer work, playing music with friends, writing songs, zydeco or swing dancing, or stopping to pet every dog she sees.

(Photo by Terree Yeagle)