Ukulele Teacher
Paintbrush Arts Program

Num started playing music at the age of 7. Her very first teacher was her father and at that time, Num viewed music as a real challenge for her skills. She believed that one had to practice very hard in order to become as good as the famous artists she adored. She started practicing with the aim of taking the university entrance examination. She dedicated herself to learning, for a “happiness that was only external” to herself. But as the time passed, she started thinking differently and music slowly appeared as something beautiful that could make her happy from inside as well. For Num, music is an inspiration and she can also rely on it to guide her spirit. It’s for this reason that she wanted to teach the children at Khlong Toey. Because she believes that during childhood and teenage years, kids need someone to show them the right way. We can’t oblige them to follow, but we can use music as a media to show them the direction. Num hopes that music will be like an immunity for them to be able to choose and to distinguish how to lead their own life in a good way.